Whether a Latino or Hispanic student wanting to take some college-level courses online or a school that would like to explore a partnership with IHOU, our courses and program are designed to deliver excellence in online education. IHOU produces and offers core curriculum and other high demand courses in the Spanish language, online. These online courses are designed using conventional instructional design strategies, and they are easily compared to existing university courses. IHOU courses meet standard course catalog definitions and can be evaluated by regular faculty governance processes for equivalence. Courses may be offered for credit by these institutions.

IHOU responds to the need for Spanish language content. The Hispanic population is growing rapidly in the US and beyond. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, Hispanic students often pursue their undergraduate studies in ways that make it difficult to complete a degree. They are also more likely to be enrolled in community colleges. Among full-time undergraduates, one-third of Hispanic students attend two-year colleges while one-fifth of non-Hispanic students enroll in two-year programs. The IHOU team believes the ability to study core courses in Spanish will serve to increase the rate of degree attainment of Hispanic students. This may also serve to accelerate the time from entry into higher education to degree completion. These factors will help students successfully attain their education goals and move into productive employment at a pace more in line with their non-Hispanic counterparts. IHOU's offerings will help students reach their potential and be better able to contribute to their communities and society.